Since the early years of Israel’s independence, the leaders and citizens of the Jewish state have had to come up with creative solutions to difficult challenges, including a lack of water, energy, and other natural resources.


Similarly, they have had to contend with threats to the safety and security of civilians, creating a need for efficient emergency response, medical services, and self-defense measures. Israelis have turned these harsh circumstances into opportunities, and are now using their innovative solutions to help overcome some the most pressing challenges facing humanity.  

Israel has become a leader in water conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture, and is using this to assist developing nations and others. When natural disasters strike, Israel sends doctors, search and rescue teams, and humanitarian aid to every corner of the globe, even to places that may be hostile to Israel. As terrorism and cyber attacks afflict more and more countries, Israel has helped other governments keep their people safe.

Israel has built and continues to build mutually beneficial relationships with hundreds of nations around the world, helping to solve common challenges like hunger, disease, water scarcity, and environmental degradation.

Israel’s countless global partnerships illustrate its commitment to the Jewish value of “Tikun Olam” - fixing the world that we all share.